Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bruce Jenner

My personal take on the Bruce Jenner scenario...

Bruce is a person experiencing gender identity issues like all other trans/gender diverse (TGD) people world wide and that needs to be met with compassion and empathy - same as for all TGD people.

I fully acknowledge the celebrity family aspect makes this more difficult for some people, both TGD and wider community, to deal with story. I ask people to at least try to make the effort to distinguish between the gender journey and the celebrity aspects and take each aspect on its merits. To completely look at this one way or the other is binary thinking - I think we as TGD and allied people want to break down binary thinking, right?

I also would like to acknowledge the issue, as someone who trains in LGBTI aging and aged care, the issues faced by seniors. Bruce had no internet and search engines growing up and has lived for 65 years in a way that wasn't best for the person inside. I think that long period of inner torment is worth noting and respecting.

Yes, there are elements of privilege (income, class, celebrity status) for Bruce that many other TGD people don't enjoy. (The celebrity status may have some downsides). Maybe not every sentence in the Sawyer interview was word perfect. I'd like to see any human who is perfect all the time. Bruce acknowledged that he would like to work with advocacy types which is a good approach.

I think it boils down to dignity and respect. I think if we come from that perspective we can achieve the best outcome for everyone.

Love and peace to all.

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  1. My thoughts exactly Sally. Caitlin Jenner is doing her best with what she has, and has opened the window of trans issues for some aspects of mainstream society that may not have been aware. She also seems genuinely interested in the struggles and challenges of people of all socioeconomic and cultural circumstances. Dignity and respect and an open heart. Needed now and always.